our charity: Samos Volunteers

Samos Volunteers is an NGO based in Vathy, Samos, that provides support to the 3,200+ refugees living in the Vathy RIC and 'Jungle'.

The organisation started in 2016 as a frontline NFIs distributor but, gradually following the development of the situation in Vathy, we adapted our effort to the new circumstances and needs. 

In recognising that the majority of displaced people are suffering from mental health issues such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorders, Samos Volunteers refocused its mission and one of the main purpose of our action in Samos is now the instilling of a sense of 'normality' in the lives of camp residents.


Our operations include a project for psychosocial support, through many activities and workshops for the men and women who come to our community centres, the Alpha Centre and the Alpha Hub. We also provide informal education (language classes of English, Greek, German, French) as well as laundry services for hygiene purposes through our Laundry Station.

Last but not least, we strive for actively engaging the people living in the camp by offering them volunteering opportunities in our organisation. At the moment, Samos Volunteers can count on the support of 32 volunteers, from the camp community, who are the real backbone of our humanitarian effort.


All our financial support comes from private donations and grants, which go to fund things like rental of our community spaces and laundry, cleaning products, the material for the workshops and community activities... and many thousands of hot tea cups every month!